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If you don't have time to design your own projects, come to The Copy Shop and we'll help you out. Some customers just need a little typesetting or a simple business card –  others need a brochure, book, catalog or a logo designed. Whether you need a little or a LOT of design done for your company, we can offer you what you need.

We will always keep your budget in mind and think ahead when doing your work so that unexpected expenses don't pop up in the future. Our designs are attractive and professional, functional and economical. We'll help you communicate your message so that you leave a positive impression on your customers.

Just like our tagline says, "More Than Copies…SOLUTIONS."

Here are some of our logo samples:



We prefer customers to send us high resolution pdf files for printing. If your file is 15 MB or less, you can email us directly. Otherwise, email us and request a drop box for your file. Our graphic designer uses a Macintosh but we also have PCs on site for printing of your Word, Publisher and PowerPoint files.


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